About Me

Desy Bachir

The name’s Desy Bachir. Also known as @dessey on twitter, Denisa Rahman on CosmopolitanFM, and some schoolmates or colleagues I’ve worked with in the past might know me by the name Desy Khoirunnisa or Desy Khoirunnisa Rahman. A lot of different names, but they’re all the same person. No split personalities here, people!

So, basically I am  a corporate refugee starting up a boutique consulting firm Catalyst Strategy, a broadcaster at 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM (please ignore the picture you see when you click that link, I was 9 months pregnant when it was taken),  an aspiring writer (currently a contributor for Laiqa Magazine’s business column), a foodie who loves to eat – but cannot cook, yet (am being optimistic here!).. and above all else: a 24/7 mother of Aqila (2 y.o) +  Baby #2 who is coming soon (the bun is still in the oven) and wife of a certain man who does not like his details shared on the digital space ;P

The blog is about my stories being all of the above.

It’s not about having it all (because I have convinced myself that “having it all” is  a myth) –  it’s just about trying to do the best I can with what I’ve got, and have as much fun as I can while doing it :)