About Me

Desy Bachir - Personal Portrait by DIera Bachir PhotographyHi!

My name is Desy Bachir. Also known as @dessey on social media (Instagram, twitter and what not), Denisa Rahman by listeners of CosmopolitanFM circa 2010 – 2014, and some schoolmates or colleagues I’ve worked with in the past might know me by the name Desy Khoirunnisa or Desy Khoirunnisa Rahman. A lot of different names, but they’re all the same person. No split personality here, people!

I am a mother of two lovely children (when they are not fighting with each other): Aqila and Dirgantara, and the wife of this certain man who does not enjoy having his details shared in public xP

I used to be in the corporate side, but in 2014 I jumped ship to the start-up side and c0-founded Catalyst, Indonesia’s most joyful company currently doing marketing strategy consulting and product building (it’s still in private beta, but you’ll be one of the first fews to hear about it :)). A year later, driven by my love for the creative industry and digital media – I also co-founded Avenu Indonesia, the country’s first women-focused Content Creator Management and Network. People ask, why do two? My answer: Why not? ;)

I super love all things beauty (especially skin care, hair care, and make up), and also good food! I only love to eat by the way; I can’t cook, yet (trying to be optimistic here). I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut, so from time to time I do guest lecturing, speaking appearances, MC, moderating, and what not. I love to write, and really want to do more of it (hence, this blog)

So to sum it all up: I am basically an entrepreneur by day, a Disney Princess by night, and a wife + mother of two round-the clock, having fun with life – and sharing the stories with all of you, one post at a time.